PR Renal Health & Research Inc. is looking for participants in the following research study:

CMT laboratory is conducting a study to assess a rapid Antigen Test developed right here in Puerto Rico. Are you interested in participating? If so, after reading the posting below, tick yes on your booking template before submitting.

We are conducting a research study to evaluate a new test for rapidly detecting COVID-19 (Covid) in nose swab for its accuracy. The test is intended, when ready and validated, to be used at home. We have obtained approval from an independent review board that is not involved with the study but is helping to ensure that we go about it right. This is always required in good research practices to protect participants. The test requires an additional sample collection from a nose swab before the test your doctor ordered, and we anticipate it will add an additional 5-10 minutes to your time in the clinic.

If you agree to participate, our trained staff will provide you with a consent form when you arrive for your test.

  I agree to participate in the Antigen Test research study

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